View Full Version : Flicker Problem or Faulty Monitor?

10-12-03, 06:51 AM
Here's my problem that has recently annoyed the hell out of me, Whatever I'm doing browsing or playing games, the monitor flickers different shades of colours like the screen is broken and might fire too much red forcing me to physically on the monitor adjust the amount of red light present.

This has happened before but that was a few years ago and hasn't happened since but it's happening now. I was wondering if the 45.23 drivers are causing this and if this is the flicker problem tha's fixed in 45.33. Or is my monitor just broken? I'm not sure if it's power going to the monitor as I have it plugged directly into the outlet but the outlet in the wall is one of those multi wall adaptor things with room for 4 appliances.

I'm confused, my monitor is pretty old, roughly over 2 years but my video card is relatively new (leadtek fx 5900 non ultra). Anyone know of a fix?


10-12-03, 09:56 PM
What monitor's brand and model you got?

Only detonator 45.33 and 52.13 will fixed flicker problem.

If none will fixed your monitor flicker, it has to be the monitor! Cheapest bad monitors can cause flicker problems like crap Hewlett Packard etc.

I have one suggest other way to fix the problem if either drivers cant fixed it, you could try to plug the monitor into surge protecion sockets, that could prevent flicker. :)

10-13-03, 12:57 AM
argh crap now that you say it...my monitor from my first pc that I am using is hewlett packard...:o

Well I do have $350 saved up, I might get a new monitor then and throw this one away. :( I was actually saving up for one of the new next gen cards coming out early next year, oh well. I guess I need a monitor to see what I'm doing.

10-13-03, 02:09 AM
You could get a cheap monitor, and spend the rest of the money on one of the now top cards, which will be very cheaper when the next gen cards come out. Just a suggestion. I have a Proview Flat 17Inch which supports 1600x1200, its not a very good make, but I got it with a 3-Year full guarrantee, so...