View Full Version : No Oceans: Dishonored UK ‚??Launch‚?? Trailer Is Cruel

10-10-12, 08:20 AM

As RPS has long pointed out (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/03/22/no-oceans-call-for-worldwide-release-dates/), staggered international release dates for games may well please high street stores, but they piss off just about everyone else in the world. The archaic, anachronistic notion that a game should come out on Tuesday in the US, and Friday in Europe, was pretty daft when a trip to the shops was the only way to get a game. To still do it when everything is online is aching stupidity. And it‚??s a real shame to see games as great as XCOM and Dishonored being sullied by this utter nonsense. You want an extra kick in the teeth? On Wednesday 10th October, a day after the game was released in the US, Bethesda have seen fit to release the ‚??UK Launch Trailer‚??, two full days before it‚??s actually out over here.

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