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10-11-12, 11:20 AM
You can imagine my disappointment when I heard about this. Not the unparalleled mega-classic of science fiction drama Captain Scarlet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Scarlet_and_the_Mysterons), featuring the indestructible captain of the near future, but Captain Scarlett (pictured above), featuring some kind of hook-handed lady buccaneer of the wastes. Oh well, it might still be an entertaining expansion, what with it being hi-tech happenings in the Borderlands 2 world and all. The Verge reports (http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2012/10/11/3487856/borderlands-2s-captain-scarlett-and-her-pirates-booty-dlc-hits) that Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate‚??s Booty ‚??includes a new sand skiff vehicle‚??, and presumably a lot of guns, quests, and other B‚??lands DLC type stuff. It will appear next week for the attractive sum of $10.

Needless to say, I‚??ve posted the first part an episode of the one true Captain Scarlet below.
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