View Full Version : Robot Rock: Hawken Closed Beta Dates, Sign Ups Open

10-12-12, 09:20 AM
Jump-jets and chainguns are going to be tested to their limit between October 26th-29th as Hawken throws itself into the oily maelstrom of closed beta testing. The sign-up thingum is here (http://www.playhawken.com/#enlist). At some point thereafter there will be an open beta, I believe, before the game of robot-combat becomes a fully-fledged free-to-play affair. If you need reasons to be excited about all this then Iā??d recommend having a read of Adamā??s Hands On experience (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/08/20/hands-on-hawken/) with the game, and watching this (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/08/31/dustbiff-hawkens-desert-level-footage/) game footage.

Entirely unrelated Daft Punk track posted below.
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More... (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/12/robot-rock-hawken-closed-beta-dates-sign-ups-open/)