View Full Version : more FPS in UT2K3 when not overclocked GF4???

10-12-03, 09:40 PM
I've been overclocking my GF4 TI4400 for over a year now at 300/600. But tonight for the hell of it I set it back to default 275/552 to see how it performs, and to my surprise I got higher FPS in the UT2K3 benchmark. What gives?

300/600 = bot match 61fps
275/552 = bot match 71fps

that's strange :eek:

no other settings have changed between the two benches

10-12-03, 09:57 PM
Could be down to an increased latency as the core is waiting for the memory to catch up. Overclocking only really works to a certain point, after that it has more chance of having a negative impact than a positive one.

It's best to try a whole spectrum of overclocked speeds to see which is the sweet spot.

10-12-03, 10:24 PM
Geez, at stock speeds my Ti4200 sucks in UT2K3, but at 300/600 it's a whole new animal. Think maybe your card is dying?

10-13-03, 02:57 AM
I couldn't help noticing that in your signature, you have a score of 11699 in 3DM2001 with your current system. Isn't that too low? I used to get higher than that on a 2.16Ghz P4 with DDR333 memory.


Thats with a 128mb 4200@300/580. Try 3DM2K1 at default speeds, see how that goes.

Edit: NM, its the drivers, the 45.23 really do bring those scores down.

10-13-03, 07:32 AM
interesting, 3dmark has gone up too! From 11699 to 11762. Maybe I'm better off leaving my GF4 at stock speed. Very weird. I guess it's the latency timing thing, with the core waiting for the memory to catch up.

Anyone else with some theories?