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10-14-12, 01:51 PM
Hello youse,

Having played exactly NO board games this week, because of work and Dishonored, I come to you empty-handed. I have no new board games to recommend. Your money is safe for one week. OR IS IT? I‚??ve spoken before about my mistrust of Kickstarter. I just feel icky and weird about it. I veer between ‚??****ing Parasites!‚?? and ‚??Oh coooool!‚?? But my mistrust is making me feel like a party-pooper, so I‚??ve decided to join the rest of those idiots and back something. Join me as I take a look at some of the board games we could back right now on Kickstarter. And join me in making the leap. Let‚??s back a potential turkey!
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