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10-15-12, 01:30 PM
Disclaimer! I worked with Tom Francis for seven years on PC Gamer, though we rarely made physical contact. There, now thatā??s out the way I feel better. But even if I hadnā??t worked with him, Iā??d be keen to point out his latest update on Gunpoint (http://www.gunpointgame.com/) to you. Disclaimer! Tom sat beside me for five of those years, sipping his own brewed coffee and saying: ā??Ahhh, coffee: thriller of tastebuds, lover of tonsils, warmer of tummies. Get in me.ā??. Gunpoint is Tomā??s first game, a 2D world-hacking detective ā??em up. I donā??t know when itā??ll be finished. I donā??t know how much itā??ll cost. I do know that itā??ll have a level editor, as Tom has released a video showing it off. Disclaimer! itā??s below.
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