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10-15-12, 01:30 PM
Electrical grids? Meh. Highways? Fleh. Civic infrastructure? Poo. If you‚??re a real SimCity (http://www.simcity.com/en_US) fan, you know it‚??s all about the disasters that the apathetic world throws your way. You know that something will come, and that you‚??ll need to deal with it. It‚??s inevitable. If it‚??s a worry you‚??ve had to relate to your psychiatrist, then you need worry no more. This is what you‚??ve been waiting for: a faux ‚??olde‚?? style trailer showing off the various ways that your Simulated City (5) could be destroyed, and the various avenues open to you to protect it.
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