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10-16-12, 05:20 PM

Odd that the Talisman demo should arrive on the very same day that I write about Card Hunter (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/?p=128036), which does a similar thing in reverse. I blame, I dunno, Belgium for this freaky coincidence. While Card Hunter is a videogame designed to evoke a boardgame, Talisman is a boardgame redesigned into a videogame. Specifically, a boardgame whose rights are owned by Games Workshop even though a further company, Fantasy Flight, makes the current edition of Talisman.

If you don‚??t know Talisman, it‚??s a sort of stripped down, sped-up competitive D&D with miniatures roaming around a fixed board. There are stats, there is loot and there are randomly-drawn beasts to best. It‚??s trashy as all hell and it‚??s hilariously unbalanced ‚?? which is exactly why it‚??s a great boardgame for a beer‚??n'pizza gathering. I love it to bits, even though I could spend days listing its many flaws. An Xbox Live adaptation was due a few years back, but ended up spiralling into development hades, but now new UK studio Nomad Games, who spun out of the sadly closed THQ Warrington, have taken a crack (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/04/go-quest-talisman-finally-coming-to-pc/) at bringing it to PC at long last. They‚??ve got the official license, they‚??ve got pre-orders with instant beta access open and they‚??ve newly got a demo (http://www.talisman-game.com/prologuedemo/) showing off their approach to this long-lived game of boards.
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