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10-16-12, 05:20 PM

One of the games my greedy little brain is currently most anticipating, now that my previous most-anticipated games have arrived, is Blu Manchu‚??s Card Hunter (http://www.cardhunter.com). A boardgame/CCG mash-up from one of Irrational‚??s former bigwigs and a cartel of highly experienced devs, its focus is on recreating cheerfully dusty boardgame socials as it on coming up with some tight strategy/roleplaying mechanics.

I‚??ve been able to play the demo made available on the show floor at PAX, but without having to experience the unbridled horror of being in the close vicinity of other human beings. It‚??s only two matches, but I liked what I saw, yes I did. I liked it very much indeed.
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