View Full Version : Wher the F are they?

10-13-03, 02:09 PM
IM getting very impaitent with Nvidia's Release of the 50x drivers. It has been 2 week they said they would release some of the drivers or a press release. Well nothing they have said or did nothing to our prevale. I am about ready today to go out and buy an Ait 9800 pro so Nvidia has to the end of this day or tomorrow to get something out to please my video card adiction or im getting an new card so please i know you guys read these forums. quit clwning around and get some official drivers out their please.

10-13-03, 02:24 PM
You don't need another thread on this. There will most likely not be new drivers for you today, we already told you that. On the other hand, reviewers may have a new driver set(well, newer than 52.14, we'll see).