View Full Version : Power To The (Solo) Players: SWTOR‚??s F2P Restrictions

10-18-12, 09:20 AM

Hmmm. Mmmmm. Ehhhhh. Errrrrr. Also harumph. Oh, hello, didn‚??t see you there. When I enter my Contemplate-O-Sphere, I tend to just lose track of the world around me and emit a series of guttural droning sounds ‚?? eyes wide yet unseeing, as though I‚??m possessed by some kind of brain ghost. I believe many of you call it ‚??having an idea.‚?? Only I‚??m having many ideas ‚?? mostly prompted by Star Wars: The Old Republic (http://www.swtor.com/)‚??s fairly alarming approach to free-to-play (http://www.swtor.com/free/features). In short, if you‚??re only playing for solo story, you‚??re in luck. But, if not, well‚?¶

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