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10-13-03, 06:43 PM
I just got a new 5200FX Ultra back in June... it was working beautifully till about a month ago when I turned it on one day and there appeared to be spots in various parts of the screen that would appear out of alignment with the rest of the screen and these spots would shake and flicker. A reboot cleared this problem for about 2 weeks but the last time I rebooted I got an error that the drivers were corrupted. At that point I pulled the 5200 and put the old card back in which worked normally... I removed all the nVidia drivers, shut down and then reinstalled the 5200. This time when I turned the computer on the bios post screen had vertical green lines that changed to white... the windows screens were normal windows prompted to reinstall the driver which I did and rebooted. After that as soon as the drivers are loaded in Windows... the monitors... and I have tried different monitors... they all lose signal from the card.

Anyone have any suggestions for things I can check? And how do you get a hold of PNY tech support so you can get an RMA number... I called a couple times and have become stuck in their endless loop of an automated support system.


10-13-03, 07:33 PM
I have a screen shot here... (http://www.vigilanthunter.com/rockman/images/5200fx_screen.jpg)

This was taken just after installing current drivers and before the reboot. When I reboot, bios post screen has blue lines. The lines change to green on the default windows splash screens... then after the driver loads the screen goes black and a lost signal error appears on the monitor.

10-14-03, 12:10 PM
Looks like bad RAMs to me. Do you ever get the lines appearing on the POST screen?

10-14-03, 12:22 PM
Did you move anything in your PC BOX , maybe you missaligned your card , thats possible ,try reseating it , check if fans work ok.

10-14-03, 12:50 PM
Do you mean bad RAMS on the 5200FX or system RAM?

I have ruled out system RAM as I have tried the card in 3 known good systems with the same result.

There is vertical blue lines in the bios post screen at about 1 inch intervals across the screen.


10-14-03, 12:53 PM
Originally posted by RivanG
There is vertical blue lines in the bios post screen at about 1 inch intervals across the screen.


That's an indication of bad video card memory. Time to RMA that card. Dunno how to get a hold of PNY because I wouldn't touch their cards with a 10-foot pole. I'd buy Albatron or eVGA in a heartbeat because they are very good about their return policies. It's strange because IIRC, PNY cards are made by MSI. Yet I don't hear nearly the number of complaints from people who own MSI cards.