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10-19-12, 07:40 AM

Man, what even¬*is a Cyberpunk (http://www.cyberpunk.net/blog/)? CD Projekt announced that it was making one earlier this year, but tossed us back into the rain-slick, neon-bathed streets starved for details. For the longest time, I assumed it was some kind of cleaning device ‚?? perhaps a rival to the Dirt Devil ‚?? but eventually came around to the idea that it could also be a videogame. Turns out, the latter is correct, as CDP‚??s finally seen fit to toss a few chunks of concrete information our way. For one, the decidely un-witchy RPG‚??s full name is now Cyberpunk 2077, catapulting it forward in time from the pen-and-paper game‚??s 2020. Also ‚?? perhaps most tantalizingly of all ‚?? it‚??s one-upping The Witcher‚??s non-linear ways with a full-blown cybernetic sandbox.

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