View Full Version : Itā??s A Plan: PlanetSide 2 Launching November 20th

10-19-12, 07:40 AM

Right then, itā??s official: PlanetSide 2 (http://www.planetside2.com/) isnā??t facing a delay or staying in closed beta until 2013 just to taunt you. One day more than one month from now, itā??ll be live and freely available for all (well, those with gaming PCs herculean enough to handle it, anyway). Itā??s been quite some time in coming, but ā?? during SOE Liveā??s opening keynote in Las Vegas ā?? John Smedley announced that this is it. So the day of reckoning is nearly at hand, but what exactly will it entail? Well, wouldnā??t you like to know. And you can, after the break.

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