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10-14-03, 01:27 AM
Okay, this post will probably earn me a smattering of "weetaaahd" emoticons but...;)

I sold my old GF2 Ti to a buddy a long time ago but I have it here with me. The problem is it's bare naked - no heatsink/fan. He's supposed to dig it up and drop it off when he picks up the Radeon 7000 I'm borrowing now. Anyway...is it safe to run a "naked" GF2?

I only ask for one reason - SOF2 on this Radeon 7000 = unplayable, and I'm damn near jonesing for the 60-80 FPS this GF2 will deliver :p

Let the retard icons fly...:afro:

10-14-03, 01:31 AM
Originally posted by PsychoSy
Anyway...is it safe to run a "naked" GF2?

Only if you want to burn it to a crisp in about 30 seconds. Looks like you'll be missing tonight's online gaming fun.

10-14-03, 01:39 AM
If that GF2 is a MX - just stick a heatsink on it and will do just fine.
I would not suggest that option if you have a more powerful gf2

10-14-03, 02:27 AM
just stick on a nice CPU HSF...
i had a coolermaster heatsink stuck onto my geforce2gts... ran without a fan :)

10-14-03, 06:29 PM
Or, you could pick up one of those cooler kits from CompUSA or a million other places on the web...

10-14-03, 07:01 PM
Four naked GeForce 2 MX reference cards from NVIDIA--that is to say they have no sink and no fan--suggest you are OK running a naked chip. These have run just fine since I got them in February '03.

Of course, I'm in no way responsible if _your_ board burns out. I'm just talking about _mine_...

10-14-03, 08:58 PM
Hmm... will the one from the R7000 fit on the GF2? If not, try sticking an extra fan pointing directly at your card (somehow). If you cant do that, then dont try running naked. I have an old GF2 MX 200 with just a HS (no fan) in my comp temporarily, and that thing is HOT!!!! I really dont advise running a much faster card without even a HS.

Just be glad you asked before tossing it in :)

10-14-03, 09:00 PM
Originally posted by CaptNKILL
...try sticking an extra fan pointing directly at your card (somehow). If you cant do that, then dont try running naked....


I think I should have worded that differently.... :rofl

10-14-03, 09:35 PM
anyways, when my Geforce 3 Ti 200 fan died i bought the cheepist ass vga heatsink/fan i could buy.

anyways it just had stickey tape on the back, i was like whoa, this is crap, anyways i stuck it on, then it fell off and i was powering away in 2d then found it heh.

so its really luck id say.

10-14-03, 10:01 PM
GF2's do generate some heat. I had a GF2 MX with just a sink and I ended up putting a Blorb on it to cool it down.

10-15-03, 12:59 AM
Originally posted by CaptNKILL

I think I should have worded that differently.... :rofl

Aww man...I can't sit here in the nude anymore?!? OH, you meant the card! Whew! :p :angel:

Just kidding, dammit! Michigan's under a high wind advisory so it's actually colder than a well digger's ass here right now. As for the card, I do have a plate of copper here about the size of a CPU socket (from a cheap Coolermaster HSF that I could never fit on my board) but there's no ridges or wells at all - just a smooth slab of copper that I'd have to super glue it on the GPU. Hell with that idea...:p

Ho hum...no gaming in the last 2-3 days. It's not that bad, it's just I was so well into that everyday habit of "searching for a day job, coming home and writing 11-15 pages of manuscript, and then hitting SOF2 for a few hours before passing out" that not gaming at night just seems so damned foreign and I don't know what to do with myself. Honestly, Saturday night felt like the NE Blackout all over again for me...just with the lights on. :p

So instead, I've been writing 15-30 pages of manuscript daily since borrowing this Radeon 7000...which might sound good but in reality (and according to Stephen King's "On Writing" and many newsletters from Tracy Hickman), it isn't. There's always a 90% chance anything past the 15th page of a day's work will get trashed in the subsequent re-write phases (this is currently the second re-write of this particular manuscript - one more to go). Why? In short, it's crap...crap that'll haunt you later, especially after an editor sees it! :p :D

Are pages 16-30 of the last two days crap? I don't know - I kinda lost all sense of perspective around page 278 of an estimated 500 page manuscript! :o

10-16-03, 06:58 PM
I would recommend a old Duron/Morgan Line of CPU coolers, as it cools the GPU correctly, and its lightweight, so it doesn't fall out.

10-16-03, 07:05 PM
My old Herclues Geforce2 GTS tends to get very hot.

But I think some passive heatpipe heatsinks probably can do the work.

10-16-03, 07:12 PM
I just looked at my GeForce2 MX cards. I hadn't remembered, but I've put a passive cooler on all of them, coincidentally the same style heatsink I put on my R7000. Go figure.

Originally posted by PsychoSy
Are pages 16-30 of the last two days crap?Hey, as a professional writer, I have to say anything is better than nothing. Even if pages 16-30 are bad, at least you have something to edit.

Originally posted by PsychoSy
I kinda lost all sense of perspective around page 278 of an estimated 500 page manuscript! :o You ever see the Michael Douglas film Wonderboys? There's a great scene where you see how much he's written on a book no one thinks he's really writing. No spoiler, but it's a LOT! Damn funny movie to anyone who's been a workshop writer or college teacher.

10-16-03, 09:05 PM
To attach heatsink, You can use heatsink compound on (all but the four corners) the heat sink. Then a drop of super glue on each corner. Press heatsink down firmly for 20 sec. done. I've done quite a few with no failures (even big solid copper heatsinks on video cards), and have been able to pop them off if needed. Just be carefull of silver compound mixing with the glue and running of to places it shouldn't. This also works well for chipset cooling, and ramsinks.;)

10-16-03, 09:29 PM
Use of superglue, like Woodelf described, works very well.

So happens I was at a friend's house last night replacing Win98 with XP on a pc I put together for him about 3 years ago. I remembered this thread and took a look at the graphics card (Prophet II GF2 MX 64MB) on which I had replaced the passive sink with a Blorb. The Blorb was still there and working. I had used superglue on the corners with RadioShack thermal paste on the rest of the gpu.

10-17-03, 01:51 AM
I know how to fasten a heatsink, guys! :p

I had to do it with my old ECS K7S5A - I let it rip on 3DMark for an hour while I headed to the grocery store. At the store, I grabbed everything I needed and before hitting the checkout lane, I hit the cosmetics section.


Becauth I wanted thome Lee Press-On nailth! :luv:

No...because I actually wanted a bottle of acryllic nail glue! :afro:

To hell with the "Stationary" section looking at "Super Glue" bottles that don't list the ingredients. Some of that stuff may or may not have simethicone. But, just about every tube of fake nail glue does have it and that's what acts as solder to bond those claws on a woman and that's exactly what I wanted to bond that chipset heatsink! :)

I get home and quickly shutdown, tore off the case, grabbed the chipset heatsink and gave it a good twist as if I were opening a beer bottle. Twisted right off! From there, I removed all traces of sticky tape from both the SiS chipset and the sink itself and applied a decent layer of Arctic silver on the bottom of the heatsink.

Dabbed 4 drops of fake nail glue on the corners of the SiS chipset and pressed that heasink on there. Ten seconds later, it wasn't going anywhere unless I freeze the board overnight and knock it off with a mallet. I actually lifted the entire computer case off the floor an inch to make sure - it was locked on there tigher than a tenement in South Central! :D

John hasn't dropped off that cooler yet so I'm hitting Radio Shack tomorrow. :)

10-17-03, 04:07 PM
LOL! Nail glue, well that's a new one to me. :D I have used tape, plastic ties, and superglue but never thought of acryllic nail glue! :cool:

I'll have to remember that, probably cheaper than superglue anyway. Would be convienent if you have somebody in your family who wears fake nails.

10-19-03, 12:26 AM
I called a local computer shop to see if he had any old 486 fans.


Went to Radio Shack and they had 'em.......for $16.99! :eek:

Someone mentioned using an actual Socket A heatsink and I've got two of them. One I can't use at all - an AMD retail heatsink that came with my Barton - it's way too heavy and I can't remove the clip due to the welding job done on it. The other is a CoolerMaster which has this nifty copper shim on it. Take a look at those pics...:D


I've got two worries about this. Mainly, it won't be enough since it's just a damn shim even though I've got one intake and two exhaust case fans. Secondly, I'm don't know the maximum temperture Super Glue can withstand - the GPU might get too hot and...clunk, off it comes in the middle of a game! :p

Plus, there's also "Plan B" - if I can be reassured that Super Glue can withstand the heat of the GPU, I'll just nix this shim idea in favor of taking the heatsink it came from to my landlord to see if he has any tools that'll cut it up to a decent size. :D

What do y'all think?

10-19-03, 09:12 AM
Originally posted by PsychoSy

I've got two worries about this. Mainly, it won't be enough since it's just a damn shim even though I've got one intake and two exhaust case fans. Secondly, I'm don't know the maximum temperture Super Glue can withstand - the GPU might get too hot and...clunk, off it comes in the middle of a game! :p

What do y'all think?

I think you'll be better off if you have vertical dissipation (vanes) to go with that shim, like a CPU cooler or one of the add on GPU coolers available. ;)

10-19-03, 10:52 AM
Originally posted by PsychoSy
Secondly, I'm don't know the maximum temperture Super Glue can withstand - the GPU might get too hot and...clunk, off it comes in the middle of a game! :p

Just don't use the super glue method on a small flip chip type processor(radeon 9x core, athlon xp). That would create too much heat and a serious hot spot problem. The new radeons are nice because of that big metal spacer You can glue to. I've had no problems glueing directly to any of the nvidia chips, up to the GF3. Can't say about the GF4, since I switched to all ATI for now.

10-19-03, 01:10 PM
I'll send you a HSF if you want it...take your pic.

RadioShack HSF approx. 2-1/8 x 2-1/16"
Orb off a GF2 GTS Pro
HSF off a retail 8500

10-19-03, 01:27 PM
I had Radeon 8500 and my fan broke down , i then noticed im getting white dots and stuff in my games , i quickly pull over my box and see the problem fan is stuck behaind lots off dust :p

Hardware guy was nice enough to fix it for free by attaching small heatsink and fan from pentium i think. :D

10-19-03, 01:37 PM
Well, if you can at least get a heat-sync on there I think you'll be fine. My TI4200 was running for several days with no working fan and only a heatsync, and that was clocked at 250 mhz. I think GF2TIs run at like 225 core or something like that, if you want to be really safe try underclocking the GPU core with Rivatuner or something.

Oh, and I think you can get a generic GPU fan and heatsync from svcompucycle.com, they're a really good place for cooling supplies. I put one of those Crystal Orbs and Arctic Silver 2 on my GF3, it seemed to stay pretty cool.

10-19-03, 01:46 PM
Here's pics of the HSFs.