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10-19-12, 06:40 PM
God, I love disguises. I can‚??t go the shop without putting on a beard and some elf ears. It looks like Agent 47 shares the same enthusiasms, too, because in the latest Hitman: Absolution (http://hitman.com/) trailer (it‚??s around here somewhere, I know it) we get to see him dressed as a policeman, a worrying janitor, a hotel porter you would not trust with your luggage, a hired killer (not sure if that‚??s really a disguise), a lab technician, a samurai, a chef, a‚?¶ scarecrow? A judge, a cowboy, I don‚??t know what that is, Robocop, that guy who works at the pub, a hazmat person, a builder, a murderer, a tinfoil hat man, a wrestler/gimp, a chicken‚?¶

And so on.
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