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10-20-12, 07:00 AM
Hello from the past! Yes, I‚??ve done that thing where I prepare the Bargain Bucket slightly ahead of schedule, because I‚??m actually on my way to Nottingham for GameCity (http://www.gamecity.org/) as you read this. This means that I‚??ve only picked deals that I already knew about. It also means that if any major currencies have collapsed within 24 hours then some of the conversions I‚??ve quoted might be a bit off. What‚??s never a bit off though, is SavyGamer.co.uk (http://savygamer.co.uk/), a website about cheap games. Read on for this week‚??s bargain bucket: (more‚?¶) (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/20/the-rps-bargain-bucket-strangely-effortless/#more-128713)

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