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10-20-12, 02:10 PM

It‚??s a semi-well-known fact that real ninjas did their best work in the shadows and ‚?? unless their express objective was ‚??be hacked into ninjiblets by a vastly superior opponent‚?? ‚?? rarely emerged into open combat. Clearly, however, someone forgot to tell videogames about this, resulting in a new breed of ninja that‚??s basically just a regular ol‚?? mass murderer in silly feet pajamas. To put things in perspective, Rambo (circa the first film, of course) was more of a ninja than our modern crop of videogame Rambo ninjas. Strange times we live in, right? Happily, Klei Entertainment‚??s decided to sheath its shank (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/tag/Shank-2/) and go for a nice evening skulk about the town. But does it succeed in crafting a multi-faceted, occasionally murderous game of hide-and-go-seek? Here‚??s wot I think.

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