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10-21-12, 08:00 AM
Hello youse.

There are a lot of zombie themed board games. Let‚??s be honest ‚?? everything has a zombie theme these days. Films, TV shows, lipstick ‚?? zombies are everywhere. But the greatest zombie board game of all time was Mall of Horror. I‚??ve told you about it before. I made a little video about it. I love it. But it‚??s long out of print, and very difficult to find.

Now, City of Horror comes along. Where Mall of Horror was the low budget, cool, indie zombie masterpiece, City of Horror is the big budget remake. Everything is bigger, everything is slicker, and remarkably EVERYTHING IS BETTER. This game is my darling Mall of Horror with the niggles fixed and the action ramped up to the maximum. If you buy any board game this year, it must be this. Let‚??s chat a little bit about it.

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