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10-22-12, 08:10 AM

About the easiest way to start a bar fight among those who deem themselves educated in videogames is to bring up Jason Rohrer‚??s Passage (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2007/12/07/time-goes-by/) (missus), an unwitting poster child for ‚??artgames.‚?? It worked its morose magic on me, while others found it arch and ungame, but between that and the lofty ambitions (though there are disagreements on the execution) of two-player storytelling game Sleep Is Death I suspect I‚??ll forever be fascinated by what Rohrer gets up to. Next up is The Castle Doctrine (http://thecastledoctrine.net/about.php), ‚??a massively multiplayer game of burglary and home defense.‚??

A Tony Martin sim? Maybe the Daily Mail will embrace videogames after all.
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