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10-22-12, 10:10 AM

Darkfall: Unholy War (http://www.darkfallonline.com/) is due next month and the first video of the massive revamp/sequel is here, showing the warrior role. Each ‚??role‚?? will have several schools associated with it and each character will be defined by two of those schools, one primary and one secondary. Each school has five abilities associated with it, the most powerful of which is only available if the school is in the primary slot. The chap in the video is a baresark and he can stomp on people. Well, it says ‚??stomp‚?? on the screen but he actually does a strange disco move and strikes his foes with his pecs, sending them flying off cliffs and into rivers. That sounds exciting but the video was so underwhelming that it left my spirits lower than a worm‚??s willy.

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