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10-22-12, 01:31 PM

The Dishonored (http://www.dishonored.com/) pre-order ā??incentivesā?? incited my blood to boil (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/07/27/dishonoreds-dishonourable-pre-order-rat-trap/) by appearing to chop parts of the game off and deliver them piecemeal, but when I played the game I was so content that my blood remained at a comfortable, non-volatile temperature throughout. I donā??t think any of the preposterous packages can have done very much at all. Bioshock: Infinite (http://www.bioshockinfinite.com/?RET=&ag=true) is now offering a means to earn in-game rewards before its February release and I expect and hope that they will turn out to be similarly unnecessary. While itā??s essential to pre-order to begin the process of unlocking bonuses for a game that isnā??t out for almost half a year, there is a nifty puzzle game tied to the promotion. Industrial Revolution (https://www.finkmanufacturing.com/) is available now to anyone with a pre-order.

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