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10-22-12, 01:31 PM

Kairo‚??s (http://kairo.lockeddoorpuzzle.com/) alpha impressed John last year and Nathan enjoyed his wander (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/09/25/adventure-time-kairo-gets-release-date-demo/) around the recently released demo (http://kairo.lockeddoorpuzzle.com/), but I can‚??t tell you whether the full game lives up to the promise of those early portions because I haven‚??t played it yet. I shall remedy that soon as the first-person adventure is out now and I have a definite hankering to explore its strange spaces, and the skeletons of machinery and mystery within. It‚??s $8 and is available for Windows and OSX, with a Linux release due later this year. We‚??ve shared the most recent trailer before but here it is again, because moving images are fine entertainment for the eyes.

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