View Full Version : Nvidia GeForce 310.33 beta drivers

10-23-12, 12:44 PM

10-23-12, 03:05 PM
It erased all my profiles lol

Oh well.

10-24-12, 04:49 AM
Just downloaded. Will try these out soon. From all reports, these look pretty good.

10-25-12, 12:56 AM
Apparently drivers have altered SGSSAA LoD bias behavior.
Now it automatically adjusts the bias when SSAA is increased.

This should increase SSAA quality and reduce the need of tweaking the settings.

10-25-12, 01:15 AM
Hmm i have been having issues with new drivers for my 680 ...especially with the secret world. Will give these a shot

11-06-12, 08:28 AM
I like them.:) Where the heck has all the people gone that used to post here?.:(

11-06-12, 09:26 AM
I use em here with no problems so far.Good drivers:D

11-06-12, 09:19 PM
Gaming is no problem for me but I get strange stuttering when trying to play videos, even in game video cinematics in Xcom

11-07-12, 06:42 PM
Downloading now, will report back. :cool:

11-09-12, 08:45 PM
I seem to had problems with them some of my games were flashig,went back to my other drivers and now it works fine.I may try them again I don't think I had a good uninstall.

11-11-12, 01:27 AM
Installed these a few days ago no and they are working fine, not that I had any issues really any way, but they aren't giving me any issues either.

Actually I'm getting a lot stuttering in Skyrim: Elder Scrolls DawnGaurd during in level map updates now versus when I had on the 306.23 WHQL drivers installed. It was a pretty minor thing to begin with but is less noticeable now:cool: