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10-24-12, 07:30 AM

Nuign Specter (http://gamejolt.com/games/other/nuign-specter/10175/) is free, short and fantastic. It starts like this: ‚??My actions had attracted a specter.‚?? Oh no! As the dog-man star of this short tale hobbles jerkily through his house, it‚??s tempting to think Nuign Specter is a horror game. Glitchy graphics, odd sounds and the sharp, angular world all add to the sense that terrible things are about to happen. It‚??s not really that game though. Despite being only a few screens in length, Nuign doesn‚??t use its limited space to scream ‚??Boo‚?? repeatedly like a traumatised Yogi Bear. Instead, it builds a tiny, fascinating trap to escape from. Download it immediately (http://gamejolt.com/games/nuign-specter/files/nuign-specter/download/10175/12157/). Slight spoilers below.

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