View Full Version : AdversityVille: Massive Layoffs At Zynga, Bigpoint

10-24-12, 07:30 AM

In modern society, we tend to throw around the phrase ‚??worst day ever‚?? pretty loosely. Stubbed your toe? Worst day ever. Forgot to have ‚??the help‚?? restock your yacht with perfectly chilled bottles of imported Mars water? Worst day ever. Looked on helplessly as you and nearly 250 other talented individuals in your line of work suddenly found yourselves jobless? OK, now we‚??re getting somewhere. That‚??s today‚??s unfortunate tale, straight from the frontlines of struggling social behemoth Zynga (http://zynga.com/) and Battlestar Galactica Online creator Bigpoint (http://bigpoint.net/). Details after the break.

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