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10-25-12, 03:10 PM
Last week I found myself in two conversations about resurrecting dead games. One was about Homeworld: I‚??d made a flippant comment (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/19/star-citizen-to-get-supplementary-kickstarter/) about pressuring Relic to do a Kickstarter to make a sequel, and other people agreed. If Double Fine can raise millions for a point ‚??n click, then why not millions for our lost and beloved space RTS? The other was about Syndicate. Wouldn‚??t it be great if we got a Syndicate sequel, finally, in the way we got a ‚??proper‚?? X-Com remake? No right-minded gamer would disagree. Hell, Paradox even seem to be planning to do so.

But I got to thinking about how this turn to ‚??how games used to be‚?? shouldn‚??t be about nostalgia, or the past at all, really. It should be about the future. The point of looking back must be to identify, rescue and save the futures we were promised.

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