View Full Version : Cutting Loose: Warframe Closed Beta Begins

10-26-12, 07:00 AM

Warframe (http://warframe.com/) continues to look like that combination of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and space mutant ninja¬*turtles rhinos that I never knew I wanted, but I‚??m certainly not complaining. Sure, I‚??m getting a bit burnt out on variations of horde mode, but not quite enough to turn down Warframe‚??s seemingly bounteous array of versatile powers. For all the promise it‚??s shown so far, though, the third-person shooter/slasher‚??s actually still fairly early. It just rounded the corner into closed beta, where it will remain for¬*all of time. Or until it‚??s ready for full release in a few months. For now, though, Digital Extremes has put out a new dev diary to celebrate. Send your eyeballs past the break in an aesthetically pleasing series of neon-lit flips to view it. Hopefully the rest of your body will follow.

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