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10-26-12, 07:00 AM

Incredipede (http://incredipede.com/index.html) is kind of disgusting. Not Human Centipede disgusting ‚?? or even normal centipede¬*disgusting,¬*for that matter ‚?? but still a little yucky. As you add writhing masses of legs and muscle clusters to your ‚??pede‚??s eyeball body, it becomes all the more likely to flop and flail and squish and splorch in adorably grotesque fashions. Don‚??t get me wrong, though: it‚??s magical. I just messed around with the demo (http://incredipede.com/index.html) for about an hour, and I was transfixed. It‚??s an already interesting physics-based conceit wrapped in disarming amounts of charm. And spindly bone legs. And a hint of QWOP (http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html). I really, really hope the remainder of Incredipede keeps this up. In the meantime, view evidence of its delights after the break.

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