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10-26-12, 07:00 AM

Atum (http://atumgame.com/play) is a game in which you play as someone who‚??s playing a 2D platformer. It is, however, by most standards not a particularly good platformer, as it requires that you be a habitual smoker to beat it. That‚??s what makes Atum so neat, though: objects inside the main character‚??s exceedingly white (and literary) apartment influence what unfolds on the screen within a screen. Need to get past a security camera? Just use your cigarette to create a smokescreen. Can‚??t see in the dark? Hold your lighter frighteningly close to your very expensive-looking computer monitor. Etc. Etc. Etc. It‚??s well worth a look, I think ‚?? in spite of some clunk in its trunk.

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