View Full Version : Huh: StarCraft IIā??s Getting A Leveling System

10-26-12, 08:00 AM

Sometimes, I view my mundane day-to-day tasks as a series of experience-endowing quests. Go the grocery store. 300 XP! Obtain vegetables (x10). 400 XP! Defeat the checkout line ā?? which is, in fact, a hideously undulating centipede monster ā?? and escape the store as it collapses into an all-consuming void of infinite nothingness. 7 XP! Is it any wonder that I see things that way, though? I mean, everything has a leveling system these days. Even when they donā??t really make a whole lot of sense. Case in point: StarCraft II (http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/).

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