View Full Version : Nvidia FX 5900 series/52.14 Kicking in

10-15-03, 01:54 AM
The benchmarks of 9600/9700/ATI XT/ NVIDIA FX. series.

Nvidia looks impressive with the 52.14.

Check it out..

10-15-03, 05:05 AM
wow, I must say performance has increased and the image quality it superb. nVidia has finally done a good job :) . Can't wait for the net dets.

10-15-03, 01:45 PM
Did you noticed that GFFX only ahead in old games and is beaten in new games :rolleyes:

And they only included one DX9 game Tomb Raider :rolleyes:

Bunch of new DX9 games comeing out soon , then judge GeforceFx , right now its still not worth buying it ;) and i bet its not gonna be :lol:

But yes they fixed problems in old games :rolleyes:

10-15-03, 03:05 PM