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10-27-12, 08:00 AM

Everything NASAā??s been saying about Mars is a lie. Curiosity isnā??t real. Neither are mohawks. I know this because Iā??ve been to Mars. Iā??ve shed blood and tears there. Iā??veĀ*gardened there. Or at least, thatā??s the reality Waking Mars (http://www.wakingmars.com/) presented me with when I played it on iPad, and I refuse to believe that the real deal could be any less magical. In essence, you run around playing incredibly irresponsible god in a giant red sandbox of ecological possibility. Most of the plants are practically animals in nature, and watching different species hunt/be hunted/confuse the hell out of each other is a total joy. But will Waking Mars preserve that feeling of constant discovery during its rather giant leap to PC?

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