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10-27-12, 08:00 AM

I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I was a rock. What would I do if someone stepped on me? How would I wear my moss? Which historical art period would I most enjoy bulldozing if it were tastefully reimagined with a few extra elephants running amok? To its credit, ACE Teamā??s Rock of Ages (http://forums.aceteam.cl/index.php?autocom=blog&blogid=2&) does its best to simulate all concerns relevant to aspiring modern/post-modern rocks of all ages. Itā??s also very, very silly. No, the first (and to my knowledge, only) entry in the slowly-wear-down-artistically-themed-fortresses-with-upgradeable-boulders genre isnā??t perfect, but its charms are undeniable. Plus, ACE Teamā??sĀ*still supporting it, and this weekend, you can try out the fruits of their labor for free.

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