View Full Version : Hotline Miami Aids Pirates Instead Of Murdering Them

10-27-12, 08:00 AM

If you can‚??t beat ‚??em, well‚?¶ that‚??s not actually a phrase that exists in the world of Hotline Miami (http://hotlinemiami.com/). It‚??s either beat (with a colorful assortment of bats, drills, pipes, and katanas) or be beaten black and blue and red and neon pink. There is, as Yoda says ‚?? presumably as a result of some LSD-induced hallucination ‚?? no try. Hotline Miami‚??s creators, however, are nothing like that. They, perhaps better than much of the rest of the gaming industry, understand the art of compromise. So when pirates started peddling a slightly glitchy version of Hotline Miami in the Internet‚??s seediest alleyways,¬*Jonatan Soderstrom ‚?? aka, Cactus ‚?? decided to offer them a helping hand.

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