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10-27-12, 10:50 AM

Very few things on this Earth can stop a fully operational giant robot. One of those things is another giant robot impacting the first with equal and opposite force. This is known as Cyber-Newton‚??s 23rd law, and he personally destroys all who dare oppose it. All the other things that can stop a giant robot, meanwhile, are crushing realities of game development. Case in point: the recent delay (http://www.vg247.com/2012/10/16/mechwarrior-online-open-beta-delayed-by-stability-concerns/) of MechWarrior Online (http://mwomercs.com/)‚??s open beta. Stability apparently wasn‚??t up to snuff, so Piranha decided to tinker away a while longer. Now, though, it‚??s in acceptable shape, so the robots will begin rocking, socking, and vaporizing each other early next week.

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