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10-31-12, 07:20 AM

Often to my own detriment, I am wildly intrigued by things that confuse and frighten me. True story: this kind of thinking resulted in me being chased across a gorgeous Japanese ¬*park by a herd of enraged deer. It‚??s with a similar mentality that I bring you word of First Person Shouter (http://firstpersonshouter.tumblr.com/). From the look of things, it‚??s about embittered nerds rebelling against their school bully oppressors by‚?¶ screaming at them? I think there might also be psychic powers. It‚??s certainly got an eye for style, though, and I‚??d be remiss if I didn‚??t throw my implicit support behind such unabashed punsmanship. Study it in the form of a maybe-not-so-timely Skyrim parody after the break.

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