View Full Version : StarForge Falls Out Of Sky, Lands On IndieGoGo

10-31-12, 06:30 PM
We‚??ve mentioned the astonishingly ambitious sci-fi combat and building game StarForge (http://www.starforge.com/) before, but now it requires a special nod, because the team behind it are trying to raise some money (http://www.indiegogo.com/starforge). Based on the extraordinary range of things they‚??ve already achieved ‚?? take a look at the video below for an illustration of that ‚?? I would say these are gents who deserve an even break. Any development team that tries to sell its crowd-sourcing efforts with a video of a multi-blade chainsaw fight on a spacecraft floating above a planet, ending with one of the characters plunging into the clouds below, gets my vote. You can even register on their site to download a WIP alpha build of the game, and see how they are getting on.

In the meantime, watch.
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