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11-01-12, 11:50 AM

Remakes are strange creatures. They come in all manner of breeds ‚?? from timely and lovable to completely mystifying to completely mystifying until you actually see it and go, ‚??OK, sure. That actually doesn‚??t look half-bad‚?? (Rise of the Triad). And then others, well, they‚??re just confusing. Emotionally confusing. I think a brand new Descent Unreal Engine 3 remake (http://descent.silverball-magic.com/) from particularly intrepid modder, er, Max fits that bill pretty well. On one hand, Descent seems conspicuously absent from cyberfuture 2012‚?≤s nostalgia-obsessed landscape, and this attempt at getting it back in its anti-grav groove looks quite nice. On the other, it does look and feel a bit odd seeing these topsy-turvy battles taking place in locations that my brain is now programmed to associate with tree-trunk-armed soldier men.

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