View Full Version : Freedom Is Free: CSGO Goes F2P For The Weekend

11-02-12, 07:40 AM

Given that you‚??ve paddled your browser over to this isle of the vast Internet ocean, I feel fairly safe in assuming that you‚??re a PC gamer. Therefore, you have ‚?? presumably, in some form or another ‚?? played Counter-Strike (http://blog.counter-strike.net/) at some point in your life. But maybe that was back in ye olde futureyear of 2000, or perhaps you gave Source a go around the time Half-Life 2 came out. So along comes this newfangled ‚??Global Offensive‚?? thingamawhatsit, and naturally, you‚??re suspicious. I mean, what if they replaced all the guns with bottles of Mountain Dew? Or maybe Valve turned the series into a piece of postmodernist art, with us taking the role of a deeply contemplative bomb forced to witness the futile conflicts of man. These are very legitimate concerns, but this weekend, you can find out whether or not they hold any water. For free!

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