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11-05-12, 11:10 AM

The next set of DLC for Skyrim (http://www.elderscrolls.com/skyrim/) has its first adver-trailer, although no PC date is confirmed. In fact, only the 360 date is listed and itâ??s a not-too-distant December 4th. Skyrim will soon incorporate the island of Solstheim, which doesnâ??t look like itâ??s completely covered in snow. There are some giant mushrooms and a house that looks like it might be carved out of a giant beetle carapace. Itâ??s a tad Morrowindy. Story-wise, itâ??s all about the Dragonbeast, who is the first of the Dragonborn and an all round nasty piece of work. It also looks like dragons will be available as giant air-steeds. Youâ??ll never go back to Easyjet again.

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