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11-07-12, 05:30 AM

By way of careful study and hundreds of hours of naturalistic observation, I‚??ve ascertained that some PC gamers actually don‚??t like Windows 8 all that much. Which ‚?? in retrospect ‚?? seems like a pretty tremendous waste of my time, because it was¬*punch-me-in-the-eyeball obvious all along. But while everyone else becomes vocally enraged, outraged, and other directions of rage, Valve‚??s actually trying to do something about it. The king of swing (and also PC gaming) is pushing to build Linux into a viable gaming platform with Steam for Linux, and now, it‚??s taken the oh-so-crucial step of, you know, letting said masses use it (http://store.steampowered.com/news/9289/).

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