View Full Version : Abduction Does Gorgeous Stealth In CryEngine 3

11-07-12, 02:30 PM

Can I declare that we‚??re in the middle of a Stealth Renaissance yet? Because I really want to, but I‚??m afraid that I‚??ll frighten our good fortune and it‚??ll skulk back into the all-consuming shadows from whenst it came. But come on: between Mark of the Ninja, Dishonored, and Hitman, we‚??re set for the remainder of this year. Now if only we had some under-the-radar contender (http://www.crydev.net/viewtopic.php?f=308&t=100547) to leap out of nowhere and shatter our necks with sheer potential. If only. Oh well. I guess you should just leave no‚?? hrrrggggrrkk [sounds of a neck shattering].

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