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11-07-12, 02:30 PM

I don‚??t throw around 1800s nautical phrases (http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/cut-of-your-jib.html) that have semi-recently been co-opted by pop culture lightly, so understand that I‚??m coming from a place of the grimmest possible seriousness when I say this: Europa (http://www.quickfingers.net/), I like the cut of your jib. Not to be confused with Europa Universalis, this first-person explorer has risen from the charred space-remains of a 7 Day FPS project (http://www.quickfingers.net/portfolio/europa-concept/)¬*by a developer named Quick Fingers. The original mixed strikingly sparse visuals with crafting and a bit of shooting, but the full version looks to focus more on exploration ‚?? which is a-okay in my book. Oh, and then there‚??s this bit from the creator, which is bcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-okay in my book: ‚??Think Fallout 3 in space (but dont really think that or you might get disappointed when it‚??s not 100 hours long).‚??

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