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11-09-12, 08:30 AM

Somehow, I wasn‚??t aware that there was an official novelisation of 1993 strategy/everything game X-COM until just last month. Given my decades-long fixation with X-COM, this was rather like discovering that there was a book about my mum that had passed me by completely.

Diane Duane‚??s slim text X-COM: UFO Defense ‚?? A Novel (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/176530.X_COM), published in 1996 by game guide firm Prima, has long been out of print (and never made it to e-print), so despite long scouring of fansites my only option was to explore the secondhand market (http://www.amazon.co.uk/X-Com-UFO-Defense-A-Novel/dp/0761502351?tag=6132409241-21), which in general wanted over ¬£20 for this 250-page paperback. One joker‚??s even asking ¬£500 for it. Fortunately, a lucky eBay bid got it to me for a mere ¬£11, and so it is that I now own this fascinating oddity: a novelisation of a strategy game, written by an author (http://www.dianeduane.com/) with a long history of penning books based on existent sci-fi franchises. Could it truly recreate the tension and horror of X-COM? The thoughtful trauma of the minute-to-minute decisions and the long game of base-building and troop-nurturing?
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