View Full Version : Gabe Newell Might Have Announced Source 2, Possibly

11-11-12, 08:00 PM

I‚??m so reluctant here, but it does seem (http://www.valvetime.net/threads/valvetime-weekly-news-round-up-11th-november-2012-source-2-announced.236971/) that Gabe Newell has suggested that Valve are working on a completely new version of their previously incrementally improved Source Engine. Source 2, as Newell seems to accept for a title, would rather dismiss the company‚??s previous frustration at queries over whether such a thing might exist, formerly shaking their fists and crying, ‚??But Source is already Source 2, and 3 and 10!‚?? In the same poorly recorded interview of a gathering of Valve fans interrogating Uncy Gabe, he tells them that they‚??re also working on ‚??Ricochet 2‚?≥, which Reddit is assuming is a code for Half-Li- Nope, can‚??t bring myself to type it.

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