View Full Version : Ubisoft Explains The Wait For Beyond Good And Evil 2

11-14-12, 07:50 AM

One of the greater tragedies of the modern age (mainly of gaming, I suppose, but also just in general) is that weā??ve seen neither hide nor hair of Beyond Good and Evil 2 since a fairly insubstantial leak (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/05/12/beyond-screenshots-bge2-gets-new-footage/) earlier this year. And before that, it was pretty much all radio silence. Thatā??s painfully upsetting, because the original was a flawed yet fascinating romp through a world of conspiracy and pig people. Itā??s a cobweb-coated corner of the gaming universe to which Iā??d gladly return, but so far, no dice. But why? Why isnā??t Ubisoft currently devoting all of its energies to making games just for meeeeee?

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