View Full Version : Super Meat Boy Galaxy Is ‚??Just An Experiment‚??

11-14-12, 12:10 PM
Over-talented game dev Aubrey Hesselgren (http://twitter.com/HilariousCow) crafted an unofficial 3D mashup of Super Meat Boy and Super Mario Galaxy, apparently ‚??for Tommy Refenes‚?? 30th Birthday‚??. You can see a video of it in action below. Hesselgren says on a Reddit thread devoted to the idea: ‚??It‚??s just an experiment in adaptation. I kept hearing people write off 3D games with all the arguments about spatial perception, limited information etc, and wanted to try to tackle a few of their points, just for my own edification. I didn‚??t want to dismiss what they were saying, but I felt like I had to see for myself. I learnt a lot!‚??
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