View Full Version : Fault: DX9 Blame: Nvidia DX9.1 to boost non-ATI performance 60%

10-17-03, 11:48 PM
It seems the problem doesn't lie with Nvida alone. All DX9 cards perform very low and unusually with the exception of the ATI cores. Why is this? Apparently, the problem is that the DX9 architecture is extremely biased towards ATI architecture. Even XGI and S3 cards suffer similar problems.

Nvidia and MS are now preparing DX9.1 to increase performance on non-ATI cards by up to 60%. The difference here between DX9 and DX9.1 is that the revision will be optimized to take advantage of all GPU architectures, and not just one. Therefore, any and all non-ATI cards should expect a large performance increase.

DX9.1 coupled with the official Det 50 drivers should make an interesting situation for ATI to counter...


The Baron
10-17-03, 11:57 PM
yes, it's in the Det Drivers forum. really, it is.